Kenya Environment and Science Journalists Association (KENSJA), a non-political, professional body for environment and science journalists in Kenya, brings together science journalists in the country to encourage high standards of professionalism and to promote a science culture by developing the skills of journalists in communicating science. Some of its objectives are to form a network of science journalists, to play a role in developi...


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Kensja and Partners Join in Tree Planting Event
2 Dec

Kensja and Partners Join in Tree Planting Event

A team of journalists under KENSJA partnered with Kenya Forest Service and Kenya Wildlife Service for a tree planting event at Ngong Forest on 29th November 2019. The event was to encourage journalists to be a...
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24 Jun

New toolkit launched to guide governments to drive economies through tourism: By Duncan Mboyah

A new tool kit has been launched to guide African governments to drive their economies through tourism. The tool kit will guide protected area authorities to attract new international investment...
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15 Mar

Journalists Share their World Conference Experiences: Rosalia Omungo

Rosalia Omungo, news editor and reporter for the environment and science at the Kenya Public Broadcasting Corporation and a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT, shares her experience attending the 2009 Wor...
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