Climate Trackers team has a big opportunity on offer for all of you; 15 writing fellowships.

These are one-on-one training opportunities for people who are ready to take the next step, and publish articles in the biggest media in their country.

The Team has also  2 TRIPS TO MOROCCO available for the most active and impressive individuals throughout our campaign.

These 2 people will join the Climate Tracker team, and help me plan and pick our 2016 UN Climate Negotiator Tracker Team.

What you have to do;

This campaign will last over the next 2 months, as we announce our winners at the end of May. We will have a range of Webinars, How To Guides, and importantly – 2 publishing opportunities for you to get involved in.

The first publishing window will be between April 5 – 15.  The second will be May 4 – 15. In order to be eligible for one of the 15 writing Fellowships  you will need to publish 2 articles in mainstream or trade media during the first publishing window.

To eligible for our Morocco campaign, you will need to publish at least 3 articles across both publishing windows.

It is going to be a tough challenge, but we will provide a lot of resources along the way to help you do it.

Go to this link; , for more information on how to join.