Ochieng Ogodo who is currently the Patron of KENSJA is an award winning Kenyan science journalist, trainer and facilitator. He is the Sub-Saharan Africa English Regional Coordinator and News Editor for SciDev.Net, the world’s leading free source of news, views and analysis about science and technology in the developing world. He is the English-speaking Africa and the Middle East region winner for the 2008 Reuters-IUCN Media Awards for Excellence in Environmental Reporting. As a journalist, his works have been published in various parts of the world including Africa, the UK and USA. Some of the outlets for his stories have been The Standard Newspaper (Kenya) The Sunday Express [Kenya], Biosafety News (Kenya) Egypt based OnislamonlineNew Agriculturalist(UK), Guardian (UK), Transport International (UK) and National Geographic. He was also one of the blog authors for the World Conference of Science Journalists [WCSJ] held in London from June 29-July 3, 2009. He ventured into journalism in 1996 at The East African Standard, one of the two leading media houses in Kenya and with good following in East Africa as well. At The Standard he worked at the News Desk which entailed rigorous reporting including news breaking based on assignments and personal initiatives. From September 1999 to October 2003 he moved to the Investigative Desk as one of the leading writers to the then widely read investigative pull-out, The Big Issue. He comprehensively and extensively wrote on human interest issues, personality profiles, entertainment, transport and maritime. Ogodo has done commentaries and analysis on major topical issues as well as Special Projects. From October 1, 2003 to November 1, 2006 he was a staff writer with the now defunct Biosafety News – then a Nairobi-based Science, Biotechnology, Health, Environment and Agriculture Magazine. He was a Senior Staff Writer at Doctor News East Africa [Kenya] from September 2007 to June 2008. He has been to various international scientific forums, including a number World Conference of Science Journalists. He’s made many presentations in workshops and conferences. He holds, among others, Bachelor of Science in Communication and Journalism from Moi University (Kenya), Diploma in Communication and Public Relations – Moi University (Kenya) and Diploma in Climate Change Reporting from Denmark.