About Us

We are Kensja

Kenya Environment and Science Journalists Association (KENSJA), a non-political, professional body for environment and science journalists in Kenya, brings together science journalists in the country to encourage high standards of professionalism and to promote a science culture by developing the skills of journalists in communicating science.

Some of its objectives are to form a network of science journalists, to play a role in developing skills of journalists, to monitor Kenyan policy issues on environment and science and the media on both poor and excellent science coverage.


A better informed and knowledgeable world capable of making appropriate decisions and choices on responsible use of the environment and science.



KENSJA will always strive to give environment and science journalists and communicators a platform for professional development, local and international networking.



  • Objectivity
  • Independence
  • Integrity
  • Honesty


KENSJA has been in existence since November 2004. It has over the years drawn its membership from journalists and science communicators in the country who are interested in accurate and factual reporting of science issues. The members of KENSJA maintain frequent contact with each other and often cover similar functions or attend the same workshops. The association is self-supporting; funds are drawn from membership fees and donations from corporate sponsors.



  • To enhance awareness on environmental, agricultural and sustainable development issues through simple and easy-to-understand stories and messages.
  • To carry out investigative writing on the enactment and implementation of appropriate environmental and developmental policies and laws.
  • To network and exchange information with like-minded organizations, research institutes, scientists and stakeholders with a view to improving science communication in the region.
  • To liaise with stakeholders to fund and foster training of journalists/communicators on science writing.
  • To serve as a focal point and hub of information and expertise in agriculture,environment, health and development issues.
  • To advocate for accurate, balanced and development-friendly communication of environmental, health and sustainable development issues.